The space for you

The space

to go beyond


The space

to be


…where we want all skills and creativity, to come out of the closet to make the ”we think we’re crying it’s that good” projects.

LeBig Mac or vegan falafel
Love the way YMCA or more the Kelly Family
Hola, hello, cześć, khon'nichiwa or halla
Bulletproof Tarantino or accidentally Wes Anderson

you’ve just found the right space.

Let's start

is simply boring

We’re the team of creative thinkers & free minds, saying ”please don’t” to all mediocre projects.


We carry out blow-your-mind marketing and advertising work, delivered by fantastically skilled People of the Space.

What you get
is what you see

Concepts / Creation

Identities / Guidelines

Strategy / Implementation

Campaigns / Marketing

Video / Sound Production

Your challenge?



Super-skilled people


Really fun-tastic brands

The globe

Open-minded Clients around the GLOBE